Our specialties

Different fillings (for everyone's taste), local suppliers (and fresh products), and in addition to pierogi, also other dishes, so that it is not monotonous.
After lunch, it's worth considering dessert, coffee, and (for those without a car!) a percentage point (we recommend taking it with you - wines from the regional vineyards and mead from Miodosytnia Imbiorowicz).
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About us

In a tenement house, which still dates back to the 14th century, there used to operate a lingerie company, a grocery store, and a drugstore before us.
We began our pierogi journey as Stary Młyn, and in the turbulent year of 2021, we became Pierogarnia Rynek 26 - emphasizing the location of this unique place.
Carefully observe the facade, go down to the basement, touch the walls - and then eat and drink to your heart's content - may you feel good here!


Pierogarnia Rynek 26