Breakfasts Wrocław

Market Square 26

Good Breakfasts

The most important meal of the day is breakfast! We know this - and you can easily find out: just order!
Scrambled eggs served in a baked dumpling (2 pcs.)
with your choice of salad and sauce
350 g
Stuffing of your choice:
  • scrambled eggs in butter with chives
PLN 27.00
  • scrambled eggs with bacon and chives
PLN 31.00
  • scrambled eggs with mushrooms, cheese and chives
PLN 29.00
  • scrambled eggs with chicken breast, cheese and chives
PLN 33.00
  • scrambled eggs with fried onions
PLN 27.00
garlic, honey-mustard, tomato-herb, horseradish, apple ketchup
French challah toast
with mascarpone, cherry jam and white chocolate glaze, served with fresh seasonal fruit
PLN 29.00
340 g
Potato and egg pancakes
with gizzard and pickled red cabbage
PLN 25.00
225 g
Oatmeal with challah
with white chocolate and seasonal fruit
PLN 25.00
340 g
Oatmeal on oat milk
with seasonal fruit, dark chocolate and peanut butter
PLN 27.00
340 g
Three egg omelette
with camembert blue cheese
and chives, served with salad
PLN 29.00
280 g
Homemade bread sandwiches
sprinkled with chives from (your choice):
  • honey roasted chicken leg, cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomato, quail egg, spinach, tomato-herb sauce
PLN 29.00
305 g
  • smoked salmon, roasted beetroot, rocket, garlic sauce and balsamico
PLN 35.00
250 g
  • tofu dish on oat milk with caramelised onion, rocket, radish (vegan)
PLN 29.00
275 g
Poached eggs (2 pcs.)
on favita cream cheese with smoked salmon, paprika oil, chives, freshly ground black pepper, served with salad and home-made bread
PLN 37.00
350 g


Create the perfect breakfast by complementing it with delicious toppings!
PLN 6.00
60 g
PLN 5.00
Extra egg
PLN 5.00
Home-baked bread
PLN 6.00
Fried bacon
PLN 10.00
Frankfurters (2 pcs.)
PLN 14.00
PLN 10.00
PLN 10.00
Pierogarnia Rynek 26